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About Us

SAHA Ratings was established in December 2005. It was certified by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) to conduct Corporate Governance Compliance Rating on December 14, 2006 and to operate in the field of Credit Rating on September 11, 2007.

SAHA was the first domestic rating agency authorized to conduct corporate governance compliance ratings. SAHA is the market leader in the field of corporate governance rating and the company has pioneered the establishment of the BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange) Corporate Governance Index. There are 46 companies in the index as of today and this number has been increasing steadily. The majority of companies listed in the Corporate Governance Index are rated by SAHA.
In addition to corporate governance rating of privately-held companies, SAHA was the first company to rate government entities.

SAHA’s partners’s professional experiences exhibit a complementing and synergetic composition. Both partners, rating committee members, and the professional staff (rating specialists) are chartered corporate governance rating and credit rating specialists in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the CMB legislation.
Corporate Governance Rating methodology developed by SAHA in accordance with the OECD and CMB principles adjusts the specific conditions of the domestic corporate environment with internationally recognized fundamental principles of corporate governance. SAHA’s Credit Rating methodology is also in line with the international standards.

SAHA’s predominant corporate management strategy is to raise the standards of corporate governance compliance in Turkey and to encourage and support all publicly traded companies, especially the companies listed on BIST, to reach this standard. SAHA aims to provide the same services abroad starting from the neighboring region in the medium and long term.
Our objective in credit rating is to provide the domestic market expertise especially in targeting local medium to large sized enterprises in the growing corporate bond markets alongside the international leading rating agencies.

Developments witnessed in recent years raised our country from 75th to 59th place in the international competitiveness rankings. SAHA will contribute to these positive developments by providing rating services in global standards.