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Corporate Governance Rating

SAHA, as the first local rating agency licensed by the Capital Markets Board, is celebrating her 10th year in the industry. 2/3rds of listed companies who have earned a place in Borsa Istanbul Corporate Governance Index (XKURY) together with unlisted private companies have been rated by SAHA. SAHA is the undisputed market leader and her rating methodology as well as modus operandi with her clients have become the benchmark industry standards.

Credit Rating

As one of the first licensed local rating agencies by the Capital Markets Board to assign “credit ratings”, SAHA has been offering credit rating services since 2007. With her highly experienced management team and specialist analysts who are also individually licensed by the Capital Markets Board, SAHA helps corporations who are in the process of issuing debt instruments and/or going public to access finance resources with accommodating and favorable costs and conditions.

Mutual and Retirement Fund Ratings

SAHA Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services, Inc. has been included in the list of licensed agencies to rate collective investment institutions by the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA) in 2015. SAHA, by rating mutual and pension funds, helps investors to make educated investment descisions and comparisons in an objective and scientific manner amongst those funds whose number is continuously rising.

Due Diligence of Portfolio/Asset Management Companies

Asset managers, investment advisors, and private banking institutions are increasingly inclined to offer third party investment instruments to their clients. To this end, SAHA conducts “operational due diligence” of Asset Management Companies (ACM’s) who are managing mutual and pension funds to streamline the selection process and create a formal decision making benchmark.

Saha Newsletter

Saha Newsletter

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